Yu-Gi-Oh! Filler List

Yu-Gi-Oh!  is a Japanese adventure, fantasy anime TV series that aired from April 1998 till October  1998. This anime series is based on Yu-Gi-Oh! manga series was written by Kazuki Takahashi. The anime adaptation is written by Toshiki Inoue, directed by Hiroyuki Kakudo and produced by Toei Animation studio.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 Furious Battle – A Shadow Game MIXED CANON/FILLER 1998-04-04
2 The Devil Gamer – The Trap of Hell MIXED CANON/FILLER 1998-04-11
3 Clash! The Strongest Monster MIXED CANON/FILLER 1998-04-18
4 Theft! The Legendary Super Rare Watch FILLER 1998-04-25
5 Now Revealed!! Yugi’s Secret MIXED CANON/FILLER 1998-05-02
6 Desperate Situation!! The Passionate Battle of Friendship MIXED CANON/FILLER 1998-05-09
7 The Underhanded Digital Pet Rebellion FILLER 1998-05-16
8 The Four Game Masters Finally Stir MIXED CANON/FILLER 1998-05-23
9 Explosion – Ultimate Yo-Yo Technique FILLER 1998-05-30
10 The Pressing Beautiful Teacher – A Secret Mask MIXED CANON/FILLER 1998-06-06
11 The Rumored Capmon’s New Appearance MIXED CANON/FILLER 1998-06-13
12 A Lucky Foe Calls Out – The Invincible Legend FILLER 1998-06-20
13 Targeting a Schoolgirl – The Fang of a Great Prediction MIXED CANON/FILLER 1998-06-27
14 In a Bomb Game – The Worst Date FILLER 1998-07-04
15 Eerie Woman!! Unable to Transform FILLER 1998-07-11
16 Breadth’s Change – Crisis of the White Robe FILLER 1998-07-19
17 A Last Minute Match – The Invited Model FILLER 1998-07-26
18 In a Forbidden Game – Show Your Hand MIXED CANON/FILLER 1998-08-01
19 The Grand Melee!! Popularity Contest MIXED CANON/FILLER 1999-03-13
20 Come Out!! The Strongest and Final Trump Card MIXED CANON/FILLER 1998-08-08
21 Completed!! The Ultimate Game Land MIXED CANON/FILLER 1998-08-22
22 Tearing – Boarderline Shooting MIXED CANON/FILLER 1998-08-29
23 Capmon King! The Decisive Battle MIXED CANON/FILLER 1998-09-05
24 The Time of Decision – The Miracle of Friendship MIXED CANON/FILLER 1998-09-12
25 A New Development – Attack of the Handsome Boy MIXED CANON/FILLER 1998-09-26
26 Rival Clash – The Greatest Crisis MIXED CANON/FILLER 1998-10-03
27 Friendship – From Legend to Myth MIXED CANON/FILLER 1998-10-10
28 Yu-Gi-Oh! FILLER 1999-03-06

The story of this anime series revolves around a game-obsessed young boy ‘Yugi Mutou’. His life takes a surprise turn when he solves a mysterious puzzle known as the Millennium puzzle which causes his body to become host to a puzzling spirit with the characteristics of a gambler!

This science-fiction anime series has a total of 27 episodes with 8 episodes reported as filler episodes. Hence, Yu-Gi-Oh!  anime series has a filler percentage of 30%.