The Heroic Legend of Arslan Filler List | The Ultimate Anime Guide

The Heroic Legend of Arslan is a Japanese anime series based on the manga written by Yoshiki Tanaka. It was aired from the year 2015 to 2015 within a total of 25 episodes been broadcasted. There have been no reported filler episodes of the heroic legend of Arslan.

The story has a backdrop of year 320, there was The kingdom of Pars, which under the rule of King Andragoras III. There was a war going on between the Pars and its neighbour empire Lusitania. King Andragoras has a son named, Arslan, who is very much different from his father, steps down to the battlefield to prove his worth and valor. During the course of the war, King Andragodas was betrayed by his most trusted officials, which resulted in the defeat of the Persian army and the capital city of Pars, Ecbatana is seized by the enemy army. As the Lusitanians army was behind the Arslan, he was forced to run from the battlefield. He was aided by the senior general of the Persian army, Daryun. Arslan begins his journey in search of allies to take back his kingdom back and take revenge from those who betrayed him.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 The Glory of Ecbatana MANGA CANON 2015-04-05
2 Age Fourteen, Maiden Battle MANGA CANON 2015-04-12
3 The Knight in Black MANGA CANON 2015-04-19
4 The World-Weary Strategist MANGA CANON 2015-04-26
5 The Royal Capital Burns ~Part One~ MANGA CANON 2015-05-03
6 The Royal Capital Burns ~Part Two~ MANGA CANON 2015-05-10
7 The Beauties and the Beasts MANGA CANON 2015-05-17
8 The Treasonous Hero MANGA CANON 2015-05-24
9 Beneath the Mask MANGA CANON 2015-05-31
10 The Lord and Master of Kashan Fortress MANGA CANON 2015-06-07
11 The Road to Peshawar MANGA CANON 2015-06-14
12 A Knight’s Loyalty MANGA CANON 2015-06-21
13 Two Princes MANGA CANON 2015-06-28
14 The Foreign Prince MANGA CANON 2015-07-12
15 The Black Leopard of Sindhura MANGA CANON 2015-07-19
16 Elegy for the Setting Sun MANGA CANON 2015-07-26
17 The Duel Before the Gods MANGA CANON 2015-08-02
18 Once Again Across the River MANGA CANON 2015-08-09
19 The End of Winter MANGA CANON 2015-08-16
20 The True Face of a Knight MANGA CANON 2015-08-23
21 A Song of Farewell MANGA CANON 2015-08-30
22 The Night Before the Attack MANGA CANON 2015-09-06
23 The Battle for the Keep of Saint Emmanuel MANGA CANON 2015-09-13
24 The Decisive Battle MANGA CANON 2015-09-20
25 The Highway of Blood and Sweat MANGA CANON 2015-09-27

However, his journey for finding allies was not simple as armies of other kingdoms are ready for conquering Pars. Moreover, the mastermind behind Lusitania’s victory was very mysterious sliver faced mask man, who also poses a dangerous threat for Arslan and his friends as he knows some secret that can easily jeopardize Arslan’s claim to the throne.

As all the odds are against Arslan, he must have to find strength and courage for overcoming these obstacles and he must have to find allies who will help him in the fight against the enemies, and help him to become the king of the kingdom of Pars.