Sword Art Online Filler List | The Ultimate Anime Filler Guide

Sword Art Online is a Japanese anime series based on the manga written by Reki Kawahara. It was aired from the year 2012 to 2017 within a total of 50 episodes been broadcasted. There have been no reported filler episodes of the Sword Art Online.

The story backdrops around the year 2022, when virtual reality has progressed a lot, and the very imminent online video game called Sword Art Online (SAO) has launched. It has used the NerveGear technology, through which players are able to control their avatars with their thoughts within gameplay.

Sword Art Online Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 The World of Swords MANGA CANON 2012-06-07
2 Beater MANGA CANON 2012-07-14
3 Red Nosed Reindeer MANGA CANON 2012-07-21
4 The Black Swordsman MANGA CANON 2012-07-28
5 Murder in the Safe Zone MANGA CANON 2012-08-04
6 Illusionary Avenger MANGA CANON 2012-08-11
7 The Temperature of the Heart MANGA CANON 2012-08-18
8 The Sword Dance of Black and White MANGA CANON 2012-08-25
9 The Blue-Eyed Demon MANGA CANON 2012-09-01
10 Crimson Killing Intent MANGA CANON 2012-09-08
11 The Girl of the Morning Dew MANGA CANON 2012-09-15
12 Yui’s Heart MANGA CANON 2012-09-22
13 Edge of Hell’s Abyss MANGA CANON 2012-09-29
14 The End of the World MANGA CANON 2012-10-06
15 Return MANGA CANON 2012-10-13
16 Land of the Fairies MANGA CANON 2012-10-20
17 Captive Queen MANGA CANON 2012-10-27
18 To the World Tree MANGA CANON 2012-11-03
19 The Lugru Corridor MANGA CANON 2012-11-10
20 General of the Blazing Flame MANGA CANON 2012-11-17
21 The Truth of Alfheim MANGA CANON 2012-11-24
22 Grand Quest MANGA CANON 2012-12-01
23 Bonds MANGA CANON 2012-12-08
24 Gilded Hero MANGA CANON 2012-12-15
25 The World Seed MANGA CANON 2012-12-22
26 The World of Guns MANGA CANON 2014-07-05
27 Cold-Hearted Sniper MANGA CANON 2014-07-12
28 Memories of Fresh Blood MANGA CANON 2014-07-19
29 GGO MANGA CANON 2014-07-26
30 Swords and Guns MANGA CANON 2014-08-02
31 Showdown in the Wilderness MANGA CANON 2014-08-09
32 Crimson Memories MANGA CANON 2014-08-16
33 Bullet of Bullets MANGA CANON 2014-08-23
34 Death Gun MANGA CANON 2014-08-30
35 Death Chaser MANGA CANON 2014-09-06
36 What It Means To Be Strong MANGA CANON 2014-09-13
37 Bullet of a Phantom MANGA CANON 2014-09-20
38 Phantom Bullet MANGA CANON 2014-09-27
39 One Small Step MANGA CANON 2014-10-04
40 Queen of the Lake MANGA CANON 2014-10-18
41 King of the Giants MANGA CANON 2014-10-25
42 Excalibur MANGA CANON 2014-11-01
43 House in the Forest MANGA CANON 2014-11-08
44 Zekken MANGA CANON 2014-11-15
45 Sleeping Knights MANGA CANON 2014-11-22
46 The Monument of the Swordsmen MANGA CANON 2014-11-29
47 The End of the Journey MANGA CANON 2014-12-06
48 The Dream Begins MANGA CANON 2014-12-13
49 Mother’s Rosario MANGA CANON 2014-12-20
50 Ordinal Scale ANIME CANON 2017-02-18

There is a young boy named Kazuto Kirigaya, nicknamed “Kirito”, is a very enthusiastic gamer, who is lucky enough for getting the game from very first shipments. When he logged in inside game for playing it, he found out that there are ten thousand other players available there. The gameplay has a very scenic and elaborate world of Aincrad, which has gruesome monsters and weapons from medieval times. Initially, all players enjoyed playing it a game for a while, but later fun element happens to be a cruel event when they found out that they cannot log out of the game, as they have been trapped by the game developer inside it until they complete all the level of the game.

So, in order to escape from Aincrad world, Kirito started interacting with his fellow players and he asked them for their cooperation. From the players, some of them became allies and some of them are opponents, like Asuna Yuuki, who is the commander of the leading group who attempts to escape Sword Online. There is another problem, they came to know while playing Sword Online is that if they die inside Aincrad gameplay they would die in real life too. Now all players including Kirito adapted their fate and now they started to fight for their survival and in the hope of escaping this virtual world.