Sword Art Online Alternative : GGO Filler List

Sword Art Online Alternative: GGO is a Japanese anime TV series that aired since April 2018 till June 2018. This is an anime adaptation of Japanese light novel series with the same title, written by Keiichi Sigsawa. Anime TV series is directed by Masayuki Sakoi and produced by Egg Firm.

Sword Art Online Alternative: GGO Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 Squad Jam MANGA CANON 2018-04-08
2 GGO MANGA CANON 2018-04-15
3 Fan Letter MANGA CANON 2018-04-22
4 Death Game MANGA CANON 2018-04-29
5 Leave the Last Battle to Me MANGA CANON 2018-05-05
6 SAO Loser MANGA CANON 2018-05-20
7 Second Squad Jam MANGA CANON 2018-05-27
8 Booby Trap MANGA CANON 2018-06-03
9 Ten Minute Massacre MANGA CANON 2018-06-09
10 The Devil’s Comeback MANGA CANON 2018-06-16
11 Psycho Llenn MANGA CANON 2018-06-23
12 Applause MANGA CANON 2018-06-30

The plot of this adventures anime series centres around a university student Karen Kohiruimmaki who has a complex about her abnormal height. Series builds curiosity in the audience as the appearance of Karen Kohiruimmaki completely changes when she starts to play a VR game called Gun Gule Online! Sword Art Online Alternative: GGO has a total of 12 episodes with no reported filler episodes.