Silver Spoon Filler List

Silver Spoon is a Japanese anime TV series that aired in two seasons. The first season aired from  July 2013 to September 2013  and second season aired between January   2014 to March 2014.  This anime series is basically an adaptation of Silver Spoon manga series written by Hiromu Arakawa. Silver Spoon anime series has become famous due to its inspiring content. Story of this series mainly deals with a teenager Yuugo Hachiken who joins ‘Ooezo Agricultural High school’ in order to escape from his strict father.

Silver Spoon Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 Welcome to Ezo Agricultural MANGA CANON 2013-07-11
2 Hachiken Rides a Horse MANGA CANON
3 Hachiken Meets Pork Bowl MANGA CANON
4 Hachiken Bakes Pizza MANGA CANON
5 Hachiken Runs Off MIXED CANON/FILLER
6 Hachiken Goes to Stay With the Mikages MANGA CANON
7 Hachiken Goes Giga Farm MANGA CANON
8 Hachiken Makes a Huge Mistake MANGA CANON
9 Hachiken Hesitates Over Pork Bowl MANGA CANON
10 Hachiken Says Goodbye to Pork Bowl MANGA CANON
11 Take Off Running, Hachiken MANGA CANON 2013-09-19
12 Hachiken Becomes the Club Vice President MANGA CANON 2014-01-09
13 Hachiken Adopts Vice Prez Hachiken MANGA CANON 2014-01-16
14 Hachiken Jumps High MANGA CANON 2014-01-23
15 Minamikujou Appears MANGA CANON 2014-01-30
16 Hachiken Has His Hands Full MANGA CANON 2014-02-06
17 Mikage Gives It Her All MANGA CANON 2014-02-13
18 Komaba Stands on the Pitcher’s Mound MANGA CANON 2014-02-27
19 Hachiken Howls MANGA CANON 2014-03-06
20 The Last Milk MANGA CANON 2014-03-13
21 Dream MANGA CANON 2014-03-20
22 Over and Over Again MANGA CANON 2014-03-27

The entirely new life of Yuugoi Hachiken surrounded by nature and animals is very interesting to watch. Without any ambition of aspiring agricultural carrier, he faces many challenges in Agricultural school. This anime series conveys the importance of mother nature in a beautiful way. Silver Spoon anime series has a total of 22 episodes with no reported filler episode.