Noragami Filler List

Noragami was an anime series that published in 2014. A total of 12 episodes of Noragami were published. Only 2 reported Noragami filler lists are found which is 17% of it.

A total of 9 episodes of Manga canon episodes consist of 75%. The first two stories were a side story adapted from the 25th manga chapter.

Noragami Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 A Housecat, a Stray God, and a Tail MIXED CANON/FILLER 2014-01-04
2 Snow-like MANGA CANON 2014-01-12
3 Bidden Calamity MANGA CANON 2014-01-19
4 Where Happiness Lies MANGA CANON 2014-01-26
5 Borderline MANGA CANON 2014-02-02
6 Scary Person MANGA CANON 2014-02-09
7 Uncertainty and Destiny MANGA CANON 2014-02-16
8 Over the Line MANGA CANON 2014-02-23
9 Name MANGA CANON 2014-03-02
10 Regarded with Hate MANGA CANON 2014-03-09
11 Abandoned God FILLER 2014-03-16
12 A Scrap of Memory FILLER 2014-03-23
13 Bearing a Posthumous Name MANGA CANON 2015-10-02
14 One of Her Memories MANGA CANON 2015-10-09
15 False Bond MANGA CANON 2015-10-16
16 Wish MANGA CANON 2015-10-23
17 Divine Acclamation, Imprecation MANGA CANON 2015-10-30
18 What Must be Done MANGA CANON 2015-11-06
19 How to Worship a God MANGA CANON 2015-11-13
20 God of Calamity MANGA CANON 2015-11-23
21 The Sound of a Thread Snapping MANGA CANON 2015-11-30
22 A Certain Desire MANGA CANON 2015-11-07
23 Revival MANGA CANON 2015-12-14
24 Your Voice Calls Out MANGA CANON 2015-12-21
25 The God of Fortune’s Message MANGA CANON 2015-12-28

After then, the second two stories was the adaption of the 24th chapter of the manga stories. Along with another side, the story was adapted from Noragami Shuuishuu manga.

Manga stories mainly focused on the everyday lives of Yato, Hiyori and Yukine. After then, “Hello sleepwalkers” was considered as the opening theme.