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Nisemonogatari was a Japanese anime Monogatari series based on the novel by Nisio Isin, which has been aired in 2012 for an 11 episodes run. It is a supernatural adventure story involving demons and gods. Its main character is Koyomi Arargi along with his sisters Karen and Tuskihi. There have been no reported fillers of Nisemonogatari.

The city in which Koyomi a high school student is living has been attacked by vampires which in result to several girls has been infected with supernatural powers. One day he finds himself been kidnapped by his girlfriend Hitagi Senjougahara.

Nisemonogatari Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 Karen Bee, Part One MANGA CANON 2012-01-07
2 Karen Bee, Part Two MANGA CANON 2012-01-14
3 Karen Bee, Part Three MANGA CANON 2012-01-20
4 Karen Bee, Part Four MANGA CANON 2012-01-27
5 Karen Bee, Part Five MANGA CANON 2012-02-04
6 Karen Bee, Part Six MANGA CANON 2012-02-11
7 Karen Bee, Part Seven MANGA CANON 2012-02-18
8 Tsukihi Phoenix, Part One MANGA CANON 2012-02-25
9 Tsukihi Phoenix, Part Two MANGA CANON 2012-03-03
10 Tsukihi Phoenix, Part Three MANGA CANON 2012-03-10
11 Tsukihi Phoenix, Part Four MANGA CANON 2012-03-17

He has a conflict with the Deishuu Kaiki, a swindler you have persuaded by senjoughara’s family, so to keep him sage from him she has imprisoned Araragi to save him from kaiki. But after some time he gets a message from his sister Karen that kaiki has been going after her.

Contrast of his sister Karen’s troubles by kaiki. Araragi other sister Tsukiki is having troubles of her own and then two mysterious women’s steps into their lives who seem to lot of things about arargi and his friends and family, the series revolves around what their true goals are and what truths are going to be revealed.