Neon Genesis Evangelion Filler List

Neon Genesis Evangelion is an anime series that aired from 1995 till 1996.  This series is directed by Hideaki Anno and produced by Gainax & Tatsunoko Production. Neon Genesis Evangelion series has become famous due to its thrilling and inspiring content.

Story of this series revolves around a parliamentary organization called NERV. And it becomes interesting when NERVE appoints a teenager to control Evangelion in-order to fight against monstrous called as Angels. Series also focuses on members of NERV and other Evangelion when they try to prevent a catastrophe.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 Angel Attack MANGA CANON 1995-10-04
2 The Beast MANGA CANON 1995-10-11
3 A Transfer MANGA CANON 1995-10-18
4 Hedgehog’s Dilemma MANGA CANON 1995-10-25
5 Rei I MANGA CANON 1995-11-01
6 Rei II MANGA CANON 1995-11-08
7 A Human Work FILLER 1995-11-15
8 Asuka Strikes! MANGA CANON 1995-11-22
9 Both of You, Dance Like You Want to Win! FILLER 1995-11-29
10 Magma Diver FILLER 1995-12-06
11 The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still MANGA CANON 1995-12-13
12 She said, ‘Don’t make others suffer for your personal hatred MANGA CANON 1995-12-20
13 Lilliputian Hitcher MANGA CANON 1995-12-27
14 Weaving a Story MANGA CANON 1996-01-03
15 Those women longed for the touch of others’ lips, and thus invited their kisses MANGA CANON 1996-01-10
16 Splitting of the Breast MANGA CANON 1996-01-17
17 Fourth Child MANGA CANON 1996-01-24
18 Ambivalence MANGA CANON 1996-01-31
19 Introjection MANGA CANON 1996-02-07
20 Weaving a Story 2: oral stage MANGA CANON 1996-02-14
21 He was aware that he was still a child MANGA CANON 1996-02-21
22 Don’t Be MANGA CANON 1996-02-28
23 Rei III MANGA CANON 1996-03-06
24 The Beginning and the End, or ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door MANGA CANON 1996-03-13
25 Do you love me? FILLER 1996-03-20
26 Take care of yourself FILLER 1996-03-27

Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series has a total of 26 episodes with 5 filler episodes. ‘Filler episode’ are episodes which are not related to the original storyline. Usually, filler episodes will be added in order to extend the time between the ending of a major storyline and the beginning of a new storyline. Neon Genesis Evangelion series has a filler episode percentage of 19% which is comparatively less than other anime series.