Naruto Shippūden Filler Guide

In 2007to 2017 Naruto shippuden was one of the most popular anime series. Which was consisting of whole 500 episodes was circulated and out of that 204 were reported as filler episodes and filler of 43%.  We got to know after two and half years facing absconding Naruto shippuden we get closed. On that series Naruto would not able to save his village ,friends and at the end knocked out at evil firm named as Akatsuki. The Fiction was filled Ninjas who have enigmatic abilities . Moreover 1st episode was telecast on October 3,2007and consist of 703 episodes . The First part of Naruto shippuden consist of 220 episodes and 483 episodes consist in second part.


So here in the Naruto Shippuden anime series ,we will give you all the filler and canon episodes . It was the follow up to Naruto . SO the story was like Naruto was grown in a hidden leaf village .He learned so many things  within 3 year .He grown up and enhanced his skills with having great power of strength Toad Mountain Sage Jiraiya who teaches Naruto how to direct towards the fox spirit within him. In every part of series , Naruto never Lose strength in his quest to find his old freind and teammate Sasuke who get lost in Orichimaru’s where the partial or total absence of light. Naruto learned to become most powerful shin obi in the land and safe his village from the Akatsuki.

This anime series was so popular around the world and in North America as well. This was the Japanese Animated series of Naruto and Naruto’s saga Shippuden was he recorded work that continues the story of the Naruto. This was the style of Japanese animated series of the same name and has become a global sensation or prodigy that it becomes separate universe itself.

Well we inform you that all episodes are not original featured in the manga series. Many episodes have their own storyline so such episodes called as filler episodes so these episodes help artist to create new storyline for the series .

Naruto Shippūden Filler Guide

So the below mentioned is the filler episodes from 1st and 2nd part of the Naruto Shippuden –

Part 1: Naruto

  1. Episode 1 from season 1,
  2. Episode 26: special Report : from the live Ninja to Death in forest.
  3. Episode 1 from season 3 : Which has started from episode : “Got to see; got to know; Kakasi – Sensei’s true face has been seen in episode 106; the last leg : Final act of hopeless.
  4. Season 4 consist of 4 episodes from 137 episode : A town of outlaws , The shadow of Fuma clan to episode 140 of Two heartbeats and Kubota’s Trap”
  5. In season 4 ,143 episodes entertain Tonton to episode 185: A legend in Hidden leaf village.
  6. In season 5 total 34 episodes fro episode 186 : laughing shino to episode 219 : Reborn of ultimate Weapon.

So here you would have known in part 1 of Ninja contains total 220 episodes . And 40% of the episodes were Naruto fillers episodes.
Part 2: Naruto Shippuden

  1. In season 3 14 episodes were there and started from 57 : suffering from Eternal sleep to episode 70 : Resonance.
  2. In season 5 22 episodes were there and starting from 91 episodes : Price of power in dec.18 of 2008 to episode 112 : Return to place .
  3. 8 no. of episodes from season 7 starts from episode 144 : Wanderer to episode 151 : story of Master and a student .
  4. Season 8 episode starts from 170 and 2 episodes only: Big adventure .
  5. Season 9 and 10 contains total 21 episodes and starts from Rookie instructor Iruka to episode 196 : move towards the Darkness.
  6. From episode 223 to 242 in season 11 contains 20 episodes of the Young man and the sea.
  7. From episode 257 to 271 in season 12 and story about meeting to Road to Sakura .
  8. 15 episodes in season 13 total episode starts form 279 to 281 : episodes of White Zetsu’s Trap , The allied mom force and from episode 284 “ the helmet splitter  and power the final episode
  9. Season 14 starts from 303 : Ghost from the past to 320 : Run Amoi.
  10. In Season  15,16 and 17 consist of 347 to 361 creeping shadow , Squad seven and the directive to talk to nine –Tails which is from episode 376 to 377 “: Naruto Vs Mecha  Naruto .
  11. In season 18 total 3 episodes and started from Episode 388 : My first friend and Hanabi’s decision in episode 390.
  12. Total 68 episodes are in season 19,20 from 394 episodes : New Chunin Exams , Hopes entrusted to the future in episodes 413 . Episode 416 is the formation of team Minato , Episode 422 to 423 is the episode of the one who will inherit and Nauto’s Rival .
  13. In the season 20 episodes 427 to 457  is road to Tenten – The world dreams and partner . Episode 460 to 462 is kaguya Ostsutsuki and fabricate past of naruto and Episode 464 to 468 is story of The Ninja creed and in last episode 468 to 483 : The successor , Naruto and hinata and Jiraya and Kakashi

So here you got to know the part 2 of Naruto Shippuden anime series had 216 fillers out of 500 episode  telecast . And 45% of the episodes have been fillers .

Conclusion –

Now you can avoid the fillers . In total both in part 1 and part 2  309 episodes are filler which brings the 40% fillers. We all know anime series improved and tend to move towards faster  than Manga series , which is often limited in some extend  and the filler may rise further . Hope here you will go you r filler episodes and you can avoid easily now.