Mobile Suit Gundam Filler List | The Ultimate Anime Filler Guide

Mobile Suit Gundam is a Japanese anime series based on a screenplay written by Yoshiyuki Tomino. It was aired from the year 1979 to 1980 within a total of 43 episodes been broadcasted. There have been a total of 01 reported filler episodes with low filler percentage of 2 %.

The story has a background of the year 2179 (which has considered 0079 years by Gundam calendar), there is the kingdom of Zeon has declared, themselves free from Federation of Earth, and subsequently started a war of independence called One-year war. This war has started the chaos not only all-over the earth as well as space colony and other settlement. Zeon a very small country but has the most powerful weapon in comparison to other nations, a combination of human and robot soldiers known as humanoid. The war settled into the bitter end and lasted over 8 months.

Mobile Suit Gundam Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 Gundam Rising!! MANGA CANON 1979-04-07
2 Destroy Gundam! MANGA CANON 1979-04-14
3 Vote to Attack MANGA CANON 1979-04-21
4 Escape from Luna II MANGA CANON 1979-04-28
5 Re-Entry to Earth MANGA CANON 1979-05-05
6 Garma Strikes MANGA CANON 1979-05-12
7 The Core Fighter’s Escape MANGA CANON 1979-05-18
8 Winds of War MANGA CANON 1979-05-26
9 Fly, Gundam! MANGA CANON 1979-06-02
10 Garma’s Fate MANGA CANON 1979-06-09
11 Icelina- Love’s Remains MANGA CANON 1979-06-16
12 The Threat of Zeon MANGA CANON 1979-06-23
13 Coming Home MANGA CANON 1979-06-30
14 Time, Be Still MANGA CANON 1979-07-06
15 Cucuruz Doan’s Island FILLER 1979-07-14
16 Sayla’s Agony MANGA CANON 1979-07-21
17 Amuro Deserts MANGA CANON 1979-07-28
18 Zeon’s Secret Mine MANGA CANON 1979-08-04
19 Ramba Ral’s Attack MANGA CANON 1979-08-11
20 Hand-to-Hand Combat MANGA CANON 1979-08-18
21 Sorrow and Hatred MANGA CANON 1979-08-25
22 The Trap of M’Quve MANGA CANON 1979-09-01
23 Matilda’s Rescue MANGA CANON 1979-09-08
24 Black Tri-Star MANGA CANON 1979-09-15
25 The Battle of Odessa MANGA CANON 1979-09-22
26 Char Returns MANGA CANON 1979-09-29
27 A Spy on Board MANGA CANON 1979-10-06
28 Across the Atlantic Ocean MANGA CANON 1979-10-13
29 Tragedy in Jaburo MANGA CANON 1979-10-20
30 A Wish of War Orphans MANGA CANON 1979-10-27
31 A Decoy in Space MANGA CANON 1979-11-03
32 Breakthrough MANGA CANON 1979-11-10
33 Farewell in Side 6 MANGA CANON 1979-11-17
34 A Fateful Encounter MANGA CANON 1979-11-24
35 The Glory of Solomon MANGA CANON 1979-12-01
37 The Duel in Texas MANGA CANON 1979-12-15
37 Big Zam’s Last Stand MANGA CANON 1979-12-08
38 Char and Sayla MANGA CANON 1979-12-22
39 The Newtype: Challia Bull MANGA CANON 1979-12-29
40 Lalah’s Dilemma MANGA CANON 1980-01-05
41 A Cosmic Glow MANGA CANON 1980-01-12
42 Space Fortress A Baoa Qu MANGA CANON 1980-01-19
43 Escape MANGA CANON 1980-01-26

Now there is a new type of federation warship, the White Base, who started a war against Zeon forces by following their path by following some kind of humanoid weapon. Zeon knows about federations plan and attacks their secret base killing almost every crew and civilians. The young boy named Amuro Ray found out new invented humanoid RX 78 Gundam and he manages to beat back Zeon forces. Now white base again rebuilds and new base and appointed new team for their survival.

Now there are regular encounter has been started between federation and Zeon army headed by Commander Char Azable. Amuro ray has appointed the leader of the federation army. In their war, Amuro also meets ensign Lalah Sune and they have a feeling for her, but she was accidentally killed while having a battle with Char. At last when federation invaded the Fortress of Boao Qu to defeat zeon armies. At that moment, Amuro has one on one dual fight with char as both of them blame each other for Lalah.  Later on, Char realizes the reality and now he knows who is his true enemy and stops the fight with last Zabi member, Kycilia Zabi. Then the war ended and Amuro reunites with all his comrades and started living peacefully.