Michiko and Hatchin Filler List | The Ultimate Anime Filler Guide

This anime series had been released in the year 2008 and ran till 2009. These manga series consist of 22 episodes of Michiko & Hatchin were broadcasted. It has found no reported filler.

Michiko is absconded from prison and disrespected the law.  While Hatchin is a girl who fled away from family who are strict catholic and they adopted her. Hatchin is an unlucky orphan who traps by her evil adoptive parents.  They get a better world when fortune brings both Michiko and Hatchin together.

Michiko and Hatchin Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 Farewell, Cruel Paradise! MANGA CANON 2008-10-15
2 The Brown Sugar Outlaw MANGA CANON 2008-10-29
3 Like a Frantic Pinball MANGA CANON 2008-11-05
4 Stray Cat Milky Way MANGA CANON 2008-11-12
5 The Saudade of Fools, Part 1 MANGA CANON 2008-11-19
6 The Saudade of Fools, Part 2 MANGA CANON 2015-11-19
7 The Rain that Falls in Monotone MANGA CANON 2008-12-03
8 Black Noise and a Dope Game MANGA CANON 2008-12-10
9 The Chocolate Girl in Love MANGA CANON 2008-12-17
10 The Carnival of Hyenas MANGA CANON 2008-12-17
11 Starting Line Downpour MANGA CANON 2009-01-07
12 Purgatory: 108°C Telepathy MANGA CANON 2009-01-14
13 Goldfish of the Marsh MANGA CANON 2009-01-21
14 The Daredevil Explosive Runner MANGA CANON 2009-01-28
15 Graffiti in Vain MANGA CANON 2009-02-04
16 Etude of Crimson Inconstancy MANGA CANON 2009-02-11
17 Buckets of Blood! Opera that Stirs the Heart MANGA CANON 2009-02-11
18 The Fool’s Ballistic Samba MANGA CANON 2009-02-18
19 Nettlesome Light-blocking Butterfly MANGA CANON 2009-02-25
20 Rendezvous of Extermination MANGA CANON 2009-03-04
21 Last Waltz Blooming Out of Season MANGA CANON 2009-03-11
22 Run as You Are MANGA CANON 2009-03-18

Both Michiko and Hatchin meet at unpredictable road trip where both are searching for their independence. Under the South African scorching sun, Michiko comes out from jail for the fourth time. Now she gets a hint in the name of Hana Morenos who is deceived by her outrageous adoptive family.  Hana Fantasizes when finally she fled away from her captor’s prince charming.

Michiko meets to a fortune teller to find Hiroshi in Coastal Sao Cabal. When Hatchin lost her shoes, Michiko steals another pair to exchange them. Michiko is called by Rico a Local slum boss. Pepe Liam is a dancer at night club which runs by Rico, who reaches Hatchin to inform her about Hiroshi.

Ivan is an old friend of Michiko. Michiko meets Ivan and wants to know about Satoshi who might have detailed about Hiroshi. For Hatchin safety, Michiko leaves her with Zelia Bastos at the orphanage where Hatchin brought up. Meanwhile, when Michiko searching for Hiroshi, Hatchin is missing and abducted by local mob leader named Vasily at a bullfighting arena. In order to take retaliation of 12 years ago what was happened in between them.

As Michiko and Hatchin arrive at Osso, their fighting becomes worse than before.  Hatchin surprisingly meets Satoshi when she falls across him. Satoshi is a former captain in Monstro Preto and traps Manabe and prisons his family. Satoshi rented some murderers to kill Michiko, Atsuko and Shinsuke.