Golden Kamuy Filler List

Golden Kamuy is an ongoing  Japanese anime TV series with two seasons already aired and the third season is set to premiere soon. This anime TV series is based on the ‘Golden Kamuy’ manga series written by Satoru Noda. Golden Kamuy anime TV series adaptation is written by Noboru Takagi, directed by Hitoshi Nanba and animated by Geno Studio.

The plot of this adventure, historical, Japanese –style western anime TV series takes place in Hokkaido, the northernmost largest island of Japan. Story of ‘Golden Kamuy’ anime series centers around ‘Saichi Sugimoto’ a  veteran of the Battle of 203 Hill, a twentieth-century Russo-Japanese War and a young Ainu girl ‘Asirpa’.

Golden Kamuy Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 Wenkamuy MANGA CANON 2018-04-09
2 Nopperabo MANGA CANON 2018-04-16
3 Kamuy Mosir MANGA CANON 2018-04-23
4 Grim Reaper MANGA CANON 2018-04-30
5 Race MANGA CANON 2018-05-07
6 Hunter’s Soul MANGA CANON
7 Complication MANGA CANON 2018-05-21
8 Eyes of a Murderer MANGA CANON 2018-05-28
9 Gleaming MANGA CANON 2018-06-04
10 Fellow Traveler MANGA CANON 2018-06-11
11 Everybody, Get Together! It’s a Murder Hotel! MANGA CANON 2018-06-18
12 Trickster Fox MANGA CANON 2018-06-25

Saichi Sugimoto works as a miner in Hokkaido and hears news that a huge amount of Ainu gold is hidden in an unknown location. He learns that the news is true and multiple groups are trying to discover the gold. However, the location of gold is hidden in tattoos of a group of convicts who ran away from Abashiri Prison.

Saichi Sugimoto decides to search for hidden Ainu gold with the help of an Ainu girl Asirpa. The first season of this anime TV series was aired from April to June 2018 with 12 episodes and the second season was aired from October to December 2018 with 12 episodes. Both seasons are not reported with any filler episodes.