GANGSTA. Filler List

Gangsta is stylized as GANGSTA. is a Japanese anime TV series that aired from July 2015 till September 2015 on ABC,  Tokyo MX, TV Aichi, BSII in Japan. This is an anime adaptation of manga series with the same title written and illustrated by Kohske.

GANGSTA. Anime TV series adaptation is written by Shinichi Inotsume, directed by Shuko Murase and animated by Manglobe studio. GANGSTA. series belongs to adventure, thriller genre.

GANGSTA. Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 Naughty Boys MANGA CANON 2015-07-02
2 Hundemarken MANGA CANON 2015-07-09
3 Ergastulum MANGA CANON 2015-07-16
4 Nonconformist MANGA CANON 2015-07-23
5 Sanctions MANGA CANON 2015-08-02
6 Thorn MANGA CANON 2015-08-09
7 Birth MANGA CANON 2015-08-16
8 Evening Dress MANGA CANON 2015-08-23
9 Siblings MANGA CANON 2015-08-30
10 Land of Confusion MANGA CANON 2015-09-06
11 Absence MANGA CANON 2015-09-13
12 Odds and Ends MANGA CANON 2015-09-20

The plot of this anime TV series is set in the city of Ergastulum and the story revolves around two ‘Handymen’  known as ‘Nicolas Brown ’ and ‘Worick Arcangelo’.

The city of Ergastulum is filled with mafia, hoodlums, dirty cops and prostitutes. Two Handymen enters this city in order to handle the jobs for mob and police force which can’t be handled by anyone else. Further, it is very much thrilling to watch how two Handymen helps to solve issues in the city. GANGSTA. anime TV series has a total of 12 episodes with no reported filler episodes.