Fist of the Blue Sky Filler List

Fist of the Blue Sky is a Japanese anime TV series that aired from October 2006 till March 2007. This anime series is based on the Fist of the Blue Sky manga series written by Tetsuo Hara and illustrated by Buronson which is a prequel to the 1980’s ‘Fist of the North Star’ manga series.

The anime adaptation is written by Yasuhiro Imagawa, directed by Yoshihiro Yamaguchi and animated by A.P.P.P studio. The plot of this anime series is mainly set in Shanghai during the 1930s.

Fist of the Blue Sky Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 Wanted – the King of Death MANGA CANON 2006-10-04
2 The Code of Duty MANGA CANON 2006-10-11
3 The Successor to Hokuto MANGA CANON 2006-10-18
4 Wish Upon the Blue Sky! MANGA CANON 2006-10-25
5 In Shanghai MANGA CANON 2006-11-01
6 The Execution Game MANGA CANON 2006-11-08
7 The Battle MANGA CANON 2006-11-15
8 Pray to the God of Hell MANGA CANON 2006-11-22
9 A Destiny Steeped in Blood MANGA CANON 2006-11-29
10 Battle of the Hokuto Masters MANGA CANON 2006-12-06
11 Ask the Dragon MANGA CANON 2006-12-13
12 Signal of Resurrection MANGA CANON 2006-12-20
13 At The End of Madness MANGA CANON 2007-01-10
14 Journey of Fate MANGA CANON 2007-01-10
15 The Beautiful Horse Bandit MANGA CANON 2007-01-17
16 Seeking Refuge MANGA CANON
17 Death Sentence! The Fallen Palm MANGA CANON
18 The Aura of Hokuto Sōkaken MANGA CANON
19 An Undaunted Offering of Flowers MANGA CANON 2007-01-31
20 A Trick of Fate MANGA CANON 2007-02-07
21 A Burning Confrontation MANGA CANON
22 The Secret Technique of Zhāng Tài-Yán MANGA CANON 2007-02-14
23 The Unforgettable Pain MANGA CANON 2007-02-21
24 A Deep Strong Memory MANGA CANON 2007-02-28
25 A Banquet and a Gunshot MANGA CANON 2007-03-07
26 To a Better Tomorrow MANGA CANON 2007-03-14

The story focuses on Kenshiro Kasumi, also known as ‘ Yan wang’ who is 62nd successor of the martial art Hokuto  Shinken and predecessor of Kenshiro from’ Fist of the North Star’. ‘Fist of the Blue Sky’ anime series has a total of 26 episodes with no reported filler episodes.