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Erased also known as Boku Dake ga Inai Machi is a Japanese amine series based on a novel written by Kei Sanbe. It was aired in the year 2016 within a total of 12 episodes. It does not have fillers.

The story revolves around Sataru Fujinama, a young man who has the power of “Time revival”. An ability which sends him back in time, a moment before something like a life-threatening event has to happen and which enables him to prevent himself from those life-threatening events.

Erased Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 Flashing Before My Eyes MANGA CANON 2016-01-08
2 Palm of the Hand MANGA CANON 2016-01-15
3 Birthmark MANGA CANON 2016-01-22
4 Accomplishment MANGA CANON 2016-01-29
5 Getaway MANGA CANON 2016-02-05
6 Grim Reaper MANGA CANON 2016-02-12
7 Out of Control MANGA CANON 2016-02-19
8 Spiral MANGA CANON 2016-02-26
9 Closure MANGA CANON 2016-03-04
10 Joy MANGA CANON 2016-03-11
11 Future MANGA CANON 2016-03-18
12 Treasure MANGA CANON 2016-03-25

Long-time ago his mother was murdered by an unknown assassin in his home, his ability make him go back eighteen years back in time when he was an elementary school. His powers give him the ability to alter all those events happened around him like a kidnapping incident of his friends which cost their lives and especially preventing the crime which leads him to save his mother’s life from the assassin who killed her.

A spin-off manga series that has some connection with the Satoru’s life, naming Satoru’s friends in November 2106, Hajime Nimomae in November 2016 and Kodakawa’s bungei Kodakawa in march 2016 has been released lately.