Emma : A Victorian Romance Filler List

Anime series always liked by people and become an international phenomenon. Over the past few decades, anime got huge attention from viewers.

Just as other series Emma: A Victorian romance series also a most popular series. This anime series has many diehard fans. The series has been broadcasted in the year 2005 and ran till 2007. Emma a Victorian Romance series has 24 episodes and has no filler list.

Emma: A Victorian Romance Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 The Gift MANGA CANON 2005-04-02
2 Two Worlds MANGA CANON 2005-04-09
3 The Confession MANGA CANON 2005-04-16
4 Mudie’s MANGA CANON 2005-04-23
5 Dinner Party MANGA CANON 2005-04-30
6 The Visit MANGA CANON 2005-05-07
7 Crystal Palace MANGA CANON 2005-05-14
8 Pocketwatch MANGA CANON 2005-05-21
9 Alone MANGA CANON 2005-05-28
10 Missing One Another MANGA CANON 2005-06-04
11 Past MANGA CANON 2005-06-11
12 Lily of the Valley MANGA CANON 2005-06-18
13 A New House MANGA CANON 2007-04-16
14 Moonlight MANGA CANON 2007-04-23
15 Cool Rain MANGA CANON 2007-04-30
16 Courtship MANGA CANON 2007-05-07
17 Embrace MANGA CANON 2007-05-14
18 Success and Loss MANGA CANON 2007-05-21
19 Evening Waves MANGA CANON 2007-05-28
20 Whereabouts MANGA CANON 2007-06-04
21 Resolution MANGA CANON 2007-06-11
22 By the Window MANGA CANON 2007-06-18
23 Time MANGA CANON 2007-06-25
24 Flower MANGA CANON 2007-07-02

In the story a maid name was Emma and she falls in love with a Boy named William Jones belongs to the middle-class merchant family. Jones’s family put Emma in trouble with some other members to marry a Jones with a well-heeled girl.