Dragon Ball GT Filler Guide

So we all know Dragon ball Z is most popular anime shows. But the most annoying and irritating is Dragon ball fillers. In this anime series, the fights are most fascinating and mostly excellent. And for that only reason it become most popular show these days. So here we can guide you the magic that is Dragon ball is filler free guide. So we will advise you on canon episodes which you can skip and you can experience the Dragon ball without getting too lost in 150 episodes or so. Here we will begin with All episodes of fillers .So let’s begin.

Dragon Ball GT Filler Guide

Episodes 1-13 the Emperor Pilaf Saga:

So many people find the 1st of episode is biggest issue of joining the fun of Dragon Ball if you have already watched Z.  The best reason for that Dragon ball didn’t find any real footing until the next saga as compared to Manga Dragon ball was not steady in position for footing and did not jump to manga course they do and the history abandoned this saga feeling slightly different. In this episode the Emperor Pilaf saga set up serious action.

Dragon Ball Filler

In these episodes a very kind hearted and ugly boy meets a narcissistic and self –esteem girl and they both together accumulate so many friends all to find and wish for magical dragon ball. While on the way they meet with emperor and their gang deviant.

Filler:  So these 0 episodes are totally canon dragon ball and worth enough.

Recommended for Fans of Z:

Total number of 6 Episodes in which 1st episode is for Bulma’s Introduction and, Episode 3 is for Roshi Episode for Yamacha and 12-13 for final battle and wish.

Episodes 14-28: the Tournament Saga:

This true and inevitable part of Dragon all affect the series and going forward. So the most major and unforgettable character being introduced and launch. Akira Toriyama did not see in show Z. In this episode Goku’s the most reliable friend who starts out as kind of dick. So at beginning of few steps both Goku and Krillin hit it off but once they get the track they enter for entire series and hit other. Their training started at the earlier stage of Turtle school of martial arts and afterwards it becomes the pillar of entire technique.

Episodes 29-45 the Red Ribbon Saga (Red Ribbon Arc Part I):

So this episode is about Dr. Gero the employer of Red Ribbon Army who would later on develop android and Cell as well.  Now they are the loose troupe of ne’er do wells and semi- component villains. In Pokémon Team rocket would be apt, hostile action for couples of times afterwards not so much threatening.

Filler: Episodes 29-34, 42-45 and one of these is sorta canon as it introduces Bulma’s house and the capsule Corp.

Recommended for Fans of Z: If you want to watch last arc then it up to you. And we can’t promise you the best Dragon Ball has offer as this isn’t it. Here he is threatening and what will with dragon Ball and Nazi references.

Episodes 46-57 the General Blue Saga (Red Ribbon Arc Part II):

So this episode is for the troupe goes to search for the Dragon Ball and the Dr. Gero of the Red ribbon army is out to get them as General Blue.

So here are two Dragon ball one Is Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball I. both of them are amazing martial abilities, humor. General Blue is the after of these two options and General Blue is the canon for every part and feel so filler.

Filler: Episode 50.

Recommended for Fans of Z:

So these episodes are not so good to see and wasted the episodes. And also there is achieving success between Toriyama’s other Manga Doctor slump.

Episodes 58-68 the Commander Red Saga (Red Ribbon Arc Part III):

Red ribbon with  commander red and more better than the previous episodes .In previous episodes you have seen that Goku has confroted with strong people and with no  will to kill him in Jackie chun /Roshi  or the people who willing to kill them. And Tao was the 1st person who wants to kill Goku .So Tao was the 1st Villain in the episode of this series. So one more thing you should know about this anime that once both commander red and black are beaten in a battle the red ribbon army is disperse and they  are never heard again well until the next new series.

Filler:  this all are canon episodes and arguable.

Recommended for Fans of Z:

Only 58-64 episodes are good enough to watch   because as Tao is the amusing villain and korin’s training of Dragon Ball Z tropes also amazing.

 Episodes 69-82: The Fortuneteller Baba Saga

Filler: Episode 79-82 again filler episodes which do not contain any full story and contain ambiguity.

Recommended for Fans of Z: 

In this episode Krillin in love with a boy who think 1st as a girl. 

Episodes 83-101 the 22nd World Martial Arts/Tien Shinhan Saga:

In this episode two strangers are visible they have strong enough defeat our heroes only Goku has the enough power to defeat them after comeback from a hard training. As more character visible the fightes become complicated and less appreciable. Over all it’s a good collection of episodes.

.Filler: Episode 83.  The rest is good and complete episodes of Dragon Ball and unambiguity.

Recommended for Fans of Z: 

All episodes are really amazing and Tein is undoubtly a stupid person in whole series and you can enjoy while watching.

Episodes 102-122 the King Piccolo Saga:

In this episode the most desperate thing is Krillin Dies who was being killed by mysterious monsters. The King Piccolo Saga and then next is Freiza saga is the esoteric in the whole franchise.

Filler: -115-116 are filler episodes but they are not at all a big deal. So you can‘t miss episode as Goku’s power become more similar to king Piccolo’s.

Recommended for Fans of Z: 

Overall this the second and last amazing best episodes of the series in which Yajorobe appear as sturdy as Goku. Here you will know why he was training with z fighters during the Saiyan Saga Villain.

Episodes 123-153 the Piccolo Jr. Saga:

In this episode one of the adored characteristic Goku and Chichi get married and later which results as Gohan.

Filler: Episode 132 and 149-154 only wasting time episodes. Here in 154 episodes the Goku and Chichi’s get married so you can find it as canon. So rest is wasting episodes.

Recommended for Fans of Z: Nothing as worst about this episodes as it actually ends in appropriate time. The Quality of these episodes among all is most relevant and Most of us follower of Dragon Ball canon. So it’s good to watch last and best episode of the Dragon Ball.


Complete Filler List


So here You got to know Dragon Ball came with only few fillers and in my point of view this Dragon Ball  is worth watching who may  some of you adore the Dragon Ball and fascinated by the story in which small monkey boy with his group of friends save the universe. Hope you found this article most worth to you please write us on comment section about .If any doubt you may ask us in comment section.