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Devilman was a cartoon series that ran from 1972 to 1972. A total of 4 episodes were broadcast Devilman. Devilman has no reported load.

Akira Fudo is a shy teenager who lives with Miki Makimura and his family after his parents died during a trip to the Arctic. One day, a friend, Ryo Asuka, asking for help Akira when his father died after archaeologists found the mask during the excavation of ancient Mayan ruins, confirming the existence of ancient predator’s summit assimilate other life forms to evolve: the demons.

Devilman Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 Resurrection of The Demon Tribe MIXED CANON/FILLER 1972-07-08
2 Demon Sirène MIXED CANON/FILLER 1972-07-15
3 Demon Gelge MIXED CANON/FILLER 1972-07-29
4 Demon General Xannin MIXED CANON/FILLER 1972-08-05

The day of the final battle, the second commander of Satan, the Zennon, arch-demon Satan critical for Akira to be alive, and Satan questions about whether he fell in love with Akira, whom Satan says be right. Zennon dangerous Satan for it, and implies that the transformation into Devilman Akira was orchestrated by Satan just as a way of trying to ensure that he would remain alive after the war.

During the final battle, Satan reveals Akira that God inadvertently created demons and that he defied the order to kill them, as he believed they had the right to exist. Satan convinced the demons to enter a state of hibernation in ice to preserve their strength for the final battle with God, waking to find Earth-ravaged humanity that he resolved to exterminate first.

With Devilman army defeated by the demons, Satan finds Akira lying unconscious on a remote island in the sea. As Satan explains his reasons for attacking humanity and make war against the Devil, he begins to realize that his actions him and no better than God demons, learns too late that he has killed Akira during the final battle.