Den-Noh Coil Filler List

Den-Noh Coil is a Japanese anime TV series written, directed by Mitsuo Iso and animated by Madhouse studio. This anime series was aired from May 2007 till December 2007  on NHK-E TV in Japan. Den-Noh Coil is a science fiction anime TV series set in the near future with semi-immersive augmented Reality (AR) technology that has been introduced and started entering the mainstream.

The plot of this anime series takes place in the ‘Daikoku’, a fictional city with citywide virtual infrastructure and hotbed of AR development. The story begins in 2026, after 11 years of AR eyeglasses & visors introduction.

Den-Noh Coil Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 The Children with Glasses MANGA CANON 2007-05-12
2 COIL Cyber Detective Agency MANGA CANON 2007-05-19
3 Yuko and Yuko MANGA CANON 2007-05-26
4 Daikoku City Heike Club MANGA CANON 2007-06-02
5 The Metabug Scramble Bus Tour MANGA CANON 2007-06-09
6 The Red Automaton MANGA CANON 2007-06-16
7 In Action!! The COIL Investigation Agency MANGA CANON 2007-06-23
8 The Summer Festival and a Duel MANGA CANON 2007-06-30
9 Michiko-san from the Other Side MANGA CANON 2007-07-07
10 Kanna’s Diary MANGA CANON 2007-07-14
11 Sunken! Daikoku City MANGA CANON 2007-07-21
12 Daichi Grows Hair MANGA CANON 2007-07-28
13 The Last Plesiosaur MANGA CANON 2007-08-04

The story of this anime TV series mainly revolves around a girl known as ‘Yuko Okonogi’. Yuko Okonogi moves to Daikoku city with her family and joins the investigation agency of her grandmother.

Investigation agency includes a group of children equipped with AR glasses to find out the mystery of half-real, half internet city. And they also start to use illegal software, virtual tools, etc in an attempt to manipulate the digital landscape. Den-Noh anime TV series has a total of 26 episodes with no reported filler episodes.