Buso Renkin Filler List | The Ultimate Anime Filler Guide

The most popular Manga series Buso Renkin had been broadcasted in the year 2006 to 2007. Total 26 episodes had been publicized and found no reported fillers.

In this anime series, a student name Kazuki Muto is killed while saving a girl from a monster known as “Homunculus”. He first thought it would have dreamed only to wake up in his school but soon he recognized that it was not a dream when Homunculus attacks him and his sister.  After then, the mysterious girl he saved and tells about the monster.  The mysterious girl name is Tokiko Tsumura who raised him from dead. She puts a kakugane medallion on his chest to serve as a heart and to live life again.

Buso Renkin Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 A New Life MANGA CANON 2006-10-04
2 The True Form Homunculus MANGA CANON 2006-10-11
3 You’ve Become A Little Stronger MANGA CANON 2006-10-18
4 Another New Life MANGA CANON 2006-10-25
5 To Protect Someone MANGA CANON 2006-11-01
6 The Butterfly of Black Death MANGA CANON 2006-11-08
7 Whether or not You’re a Hypocrite MANGA CANON 2006-11-15
8 A Night in the Dorm MANGA CANON 2006-11-22
9 The Hayasaka Twins MANGA CANON 2006-11-29
10 It Seems We’re Well Matched MANGA CANON 2006-12-06
11 Til Death Do Us Part MANGA CANON 2006-12-13
12 Carnival MANGA CANON 2006-12-20
13 Signs Of Death MANGA CANON 2006-12-27
14 Who Are You? MANGA CANON 2006-12-27
15 An Intermediate Existence MANGA CANON 2007-01-10
16 New Strength MANGA CANON 2007-01-17
17 When Dawn Comes MANGA CANON 2007-01-24
18 The Escape MANGA CANON 2007-01-31
19 As Long As I Can Protect You MANGA CANON 2007-02-07
20 With Strength and Power MANGA CANON 2007-02-14
21 Gone Into Flame MANGA CANON 2007-02-21
22 A Decision Is Required MANGA CANON 2007-02-28
23 Boy meets Battle Girl MANGA CANON 2007-03-07
24 When You Die, I’ll Die With You MANGA CANON 2007-03-14
25 “No One Could Ever Take His Place MANGA CANON 2007-03-21
26 Period MANGA CANON 2007-03-28

Kazuki Muto had no hint being in a wrong place and rescued Tokiko young unmarried women in trouble from a giant monster known as Homunculus who eat humans. Homunculi are the creatures who attach themselves to human’s brains, once they fully developed. Buson Renkin is the only weapon who can devastate them.

Kazuki afterwards finds that Tokiko who saved his life by replacing his heart using a Kukagane Medallion that changes him into a Buso Renkin.

Kazuki and Tokiko search for the ravenous before Homunculus attached them to the Tokiko’s brain. But the giant who eats human flesh-eating is Kazuki’s school.  Kazuki and Tokiko discover the location of L.X.E (league of Extraordinary Elects) where they reach accidentally and defeating Hayasaka twins in a late-night battle. They find there Dr Butterfly’s organization who are escalating new evil plans.

Dr Butterflies who plans to attack the high school. Kazuki and Tokiko run straight away to the school only to discover that the school along with students has been occupied by Dr Butterfly’s newly created Homunculus. Kazuki and Tokiko now confront with a legendary traitor of Alchemist warriors who drains energy from humans and gets the power. The traitor has Black Kakagane When the Kakzuki finds himself has a Black Kakugane inside him. Here‘s the battle begins against each other.