Bungo Stray Dogs Filler List | The Ultimate Anime Filler Guide

Bungo Stray Dogs is a cartoon series in progress that began in 2016. So far, 37 episodes of Bungo stray dogs were released. With a total of 2 episodes reported filler, Bungo Stray Dogs is a tiny percentage of 5% coverage.

Bungo Stray Dogs is the Japanese manga series. Kafka Asagiri has written this series, and Sango Harukawa gave the graphical representation of the series.

Bungo Stray Dogs Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 Fortune Is Unpredictable and Mutable MANGA CANON 2016-04-06
2 A Certain Bomb MANGA CANON 2016-04-13
3 Yokohama Gangster Paradise MANGA CANON 2016-04-20
4 The Tragedy of the Fatalist MANGA CANON 2016-04-27
5 Murder on D Street MANGA CANON 2016-05-04
6 The Azure Messenger FILLER 2016-05-11
7 Love for the Disease Called Ideals FILLER 2016-05-18
8 Teaching Them To Kill; Then To Die MANGA CANON 2016-05-25
9 The Beauty Is Quiet Like a Stone Statue MANGA CANON 2016-06-01
10 Rashoumon and the Tiger MANGA CANON 2016-06-08
11 First, an Unsuitable Profession for Her. Second, an Ecstatic Detective Agency MANGA CANON 2016-06-15
12 Borne Back Ceaselessly into the Past MANGA CANON 2016-06-22
13 The Dark Age MANGA CANON 2016-10-06
14 Nowhere to Return MANGA CANON 2016-10-13
15 A Room Where We Can Someday See the Ocean MANGA CANON 2016-10-13
16 Bungo Stray Dogs MANGA CANON 2016-10-20
17 Three Companies Conflict MANGA CANON 2016-10-29
18 The Conflict of Strategy MANGA CANON 2016-11-05
19 Will of Tycoon MANGA CANON 2016-11-12
20 Though the Mind May be Wrong MANGA CANON 2016-11-19
21 Double Black MANGA CANON 2016-11-26
22 Poe and Rampo MANGA CANON 2016-12-02
23 Rashoumon, The Tiger, and The Last Emperor MANGA CANON 2016-12-09
24 If I May Shed Away My Burden Now MANGA CANON 2016-12-16
25 Walking Alone ANIME CANON 2017-08-04
26 Dazai, Chuuya, Fifteen Years Old MANGA CANON 2019-04-12
27 The God of Fire MANGA CANON 2019-04-19
28 Only a Diamond Can Polish a Diamond MANGA CANON 2019-04-26
29 My Ill Deeds are The Work of God MANGA CANON 2019-05-03
30 Slap the Stick & Addict MANGA CANON 2019-05-10
31 Herurisu / Portrait of a Father MANGA CANON 2019-05-17
32 Fitzgerald Rising MANGA CANON 2019-05-24
33 The Masked Assassin MANGA CANON 2019-05-31
34 Cannibalism (Part One) MANGA CANON 2019-06-07
35 Cannibalism (Part Two) MANGA CANON 2019-06-14
36 Cannibalism (Part Three) MANGA CANON 2019-06-21
37 Echo MANGA CANON 2019-06-28

In 2012 these series were broadcasted in Young Ace. The anime telecast is provided by Bones who releases the Bungo stray dog’s anime by two parts.

Bungo Stray Dogs is composed of supernatural filler list, and the story is based on the individual power of each character. The bungou stray dog’s anime holds the deep history and story of the incidents which happens in a mafia. The Armed Detective Agency investigates the various cases, and in Armed Detective Agency only most of the bungou stray dogs anime characters are located. His orphanage left Atsushi, and he doesn’t have any way to live. Then after he meets Osamu Dazai and Kunikida his soul mate they gave support and appointed him in the Armed Detective Agency.