Boruto Filler List Guide

If you already watched the series of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden then you must have watched Boruto Uzumaki son of  Naruto Uzumaki and playing major character in the new series of Boruto.  Both  Naruto and Naruto shippuden series  had successful completed the anime theatrical run and now it has been so popular since more than  a year. In this article we will discuss the Boruto Filler episodes lists so  that you can enjoy your adored series hassle free without any useless and  story arcs. So keep reading this article to understand more and know about  Boruto fillers.

As we already told Buroto is the son of Naruto Uzumaki. In this story Buroto will faces obstacles that built by heroes and new threats come up that might be demolish all  and everything.  After this Great War Shinobi world is enjoying the calmness.

Boruto Filler List

In this show new generation of Ninjas, the son and daughter of the characters from the previous series emphasizes more and create  more differences between other previous series as well.

Boruto Filler List – Guide to Anime-Only Episodes & Story

Well Buroto is the next Generation anime series of Naruto and follows a different dissimilar form than other anime series.  You know what once a Manga series gets tremendously well liked by people then every show firstly animated and then make over to sequential episodes. And that episode particularly not the follows the Manga are called as Fillers because they are useless and contribute nothing to the good series and make the storyline worst. But it doesn’t occur in Boruto because of Shinobi world and new characters as will in the series.

So here will guide you  Buruto filler episode you must follow which we have given below and will update you new episodes since anime is popular .So we don’t want to waste your time and please check below mentioned episodes of Boruto filler’s must be avoided.

Boruto Filler List

Filler episodes of Buroto

  1. Episodes 1- 15 are canon: Buruto Uzumaki, The Hokage’s son, Metal lee Goes wild episode 4: A Ninjutsu battle of the sexes. Episodes 5: The Mysterious Transfer student till episodes 15 of New path are canon shows
  2. Episodes 16-18 consist of 3 episodes and are fillers .Episodes 16: The Threat of Failing, Episodes 17- the Threat of failing. Episodes 18: A day in the life of Uzumaki Family.
  3. Episode 19-23 are canons episodes are consist of 5 episodes episode 19: Sarada Uchiha, episodes, Episodes 20: The Boy with the sharingan , Episodes 21: Sasuke and sarada , Episodes 22: connected feelings and episodes 23: Bonds come in all shapes.
  4. Episode 24 is the filler one, you can avoid it and 33 is also filler
  5. Episodes 40-50 are filler episodes . overall all 10 episodes are filler in this series episodes 40: The first mission , episodes 41: Strength in unity , episodes 42: A ninja’s job , The Byakuya Gang surfaces , Shkadai doubts ,Memories of the day of snow, Go the crest of night strategy , The figure I want to be , the Genin Documentary , Wasabi and Namida ,episodes 50: The recommendation meeting and 52 : Sasuke’s Shadow.
  6. Episode 60: the hidden leaf vs. the hidden sand is the filler one.
  7. Episodes 67- 93 are filler episodes consist of 27 episodes .Episodes 67: Super Cho-cho butterfly Mode , Episodes 68: Kiss mode episodes 69: love upheaval , 70: the other side of Anxiety , episodes 71: the hardest rock in the world; Mitsuki will, the side of the moon , The enemy ino –shika cho , The trails of Ryuchi cave, Incurring wrath,  Garaga’s ferocious Attack , Everyone’s Motives , Meetings again mitsuki , Mitsuki’s friends , Boruto’ wish , Infiltrating the hidden stone village , Ohnokis justice , Ohonki’s thoughts ,Ku’s Thoughts heart of stone, Kozuchi’s will , the Sensation of living ,  A piercing heart , Mitsuki and sekiei , Ohnki’s will , A new routine  is the last filler episode of 92 .

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We hope this article will clear your doubts and gives idea about  Boruto episodes  and you will have known which episodes are good to watch and enjoy and which should be avoided . Please write us in comment section so that we can help you and guide you more  on filler series.