Blade Dance of Elementalers Filler List

Blade Dance of Elementalers is a Japanese anime TV series that aired since July 2014 till September 2014. This is an anime adaptation of Japanese light novel series ‘Bladedance of Elementalers’ written by Yu Shimizu. An anime adaptation was directed by Tetsuya Yanagisawa and produced by Makin Fujii.

Blade Dance of the Elementalers Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 The Sword, the School, and the Fire Cat-Girl MANGA CANON 2014-07-14
2 Blade Dance at Midnight MANGA CANON 2014-07-21
3 The Holy Sword that Killed the Demon Lord MANGA CANON 2014-07-28
4 The Strongest Blade Dancer MANGA CANON 2014-08-04
5 Lost Queen MANGA CANON 2014-08-11
6 The Demon Lord’s Successor MANGA CANON 2014-08-18
7 Battle of the Mining City MANGA CANON 2014-08-25
8 Team Scarlet MANGA CANON 2014-09-01
9 Covenant of the Wind MANGA CANON 2014-09-08
10 Sylphid MANGA CANON 2014-09-15
11 The Night of Valentia MANGA CANON 2014-09-22
12 Ren Ashbell MANGA CANON 2014-09-29

The plot of this anime series is set in a world of spirits where only pure maidens have the advantage of contracting with the spirits. The story revolves around ‘Kamito Kazehaya’  a teenager who stumbles upon a girl ‘Claire Rouge’ while he loses his way in the spirit forest.

Further, it’s very interesting to watch how Kamito Kazehaya turns into only male Elementalist in the world. The story takes a different turn at this point and builds curiosity in viewers. Blade Dance of Elemetalers has a total of 12 episodes with no reported filler episodes.