Angel Heart Filler List | The Ultimate Anime Filler Guide

Angel Heart is a Japanese anime series based on the manga written by Tsukasa Hojo. It was aired from the year 2005 to 2006 within a total of 50 episodes have been broadcasted. There was only 1 episode reported as the filler episode with very low filler percentage of 2 %.

The story begins with a young women Glass Heart receives a call from the handler and he congratulates her for the latest assignment she accomplished of killing and it was her 50th kill. She just jumps off the building and impaling her chest on the iron spiked fence, as the man she just killed was the father of the little girl she sees running in the park with some ice cream in her hand.

Angel Heart Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 Glass Heart MANGA CANON 2005-10-03
2 Kaori has Returned MANGA CANON 2005-10-10
3 City of XYZ MANGA CANON 2005-10-17
4 Wandering Heart MANGA CANON 2005-10-24
5 Farewell… Kaori MANGA CANON 2005-10-31
6 Reunion MANGA CANON 2005-11-07
7 My Beloved City MANGA CANON 2005-11-14
8 True Friends MANGA CANON 2005-11-21
9 Xiang Ying, Her Lost Name MANGA CANON 2005-11-28
10 Angel Smile MANGA CANON 2005-12-05
11 A Father and Daughter’s Time MANGA CANON 2005-12-12
12 A Meeting and Farewell On Board a Ship MANGA CANON 2005-12-19
13 A Present from Master Li MANGA CANON 2006-01-09
14 Revival, City Hunter ! MANGA CANON 2006-01-16
15 Find Papa ! MANGA CANON 2006-01-23
16 Qualifications as C.H. (City Hunter) MANGA CANON 2006-01-30
17 Meeting in a Dream MANGA CANON 2006-03-06
18 Familial Ties MANGA CANON 2006-02-13
19 Old Man Chin’s Place MANGA CANON 2006-02-20
20 Prelude of Destiny MANGA CANON 2006-02-27
21 Sorrowful Guardian MANGA CANON 2006-03-01
22 Unfair Happiness MANGA CANON 2006-03-13
23 Melody of a Journey’s Beginning MANGA CANON 2006-03-20
24 Together with The Beat… FILLER 2006-03-27
25 A Client’s Death Wish MANGA CANON 2006-04-03
26 Once again, to that moment MANGA CANON 2006-04-10
27 Me, in love !? MANGA CANON 2006-04-17
28 A Promise MANGA CANON 2006-04-24
29 My Sister…Kaori MANGA CANON 2006-05-01
30 This City is Everything to Me MANGA CANON 2006-05-08
31 A Miracle Seen on the Final Night MANGA CANON 2006-05-15
32 The Woman from the Syndicate MANGA CANON 2006-05-22
33 The Child who is a Gift from Heaven MANGA CANON 2006-05-29
34 Two Determinations MANGA CANON 2006-06-05
35 Towards the Future MANGA CANON 2006-06-12
36 The Girl That Brings Happiness MANGA CANON 2006-06-19
37 An Unblemished Heart MANGA CANON 2006-06-26
38 Be My Eyes MANGA CANON 2006-07-03
39 The Client is a Famous Actress MANGA CANON 2006-07-10
40 Miki’s Hidden Secret MANGA CANON 2006-07-17
41 The Place where I Belong MANGA CANON 2006-07-24
42 The Secret Sign Between the Two MANGA CANON 2006-07-31
43 A Day in My Life MANGA CANON 2006-08-07
44 For Our Children MANGA CANON 2006-08-14
45 The Walking Nuclear Warhead, Yang MANGA CANON 2006-08-21
46 Mother Heart MANGA CANON 2006-08-28
47 A Bright Future ?! MANGA CANON 2006-09-04
48 Drawn towards Fate MANGA CANON 2006-09-11
49 Get My Life MANGA CANON 2006-09-18
50 Last Present MANGA CANON 2006-09-25

There is the girl named Kaori Makimura who was running late to get her wedding photos her husband Ryo Saeba, however in that hurry she was about to get hit by a truck but she was saved by the Ryo Saeba, who is also the city hunter. After a short while, she was declared dead by the brain and she was harvested for donation as she had a donor card on her name. On the other hand, the organization needed the heart for their assassin glass heart, so they steal Kaori’s heart and implants it on Glass hearts body.

After that incident, the glass heart is transported to Taiwan, where she was in a coma for a year. During that period she was always haunted by the people she killed, the Kaori’s images as well as the Ryo Saeba whom she doesn’t know. After returning back from the coma she wants to find about these people and for that she return back to Shinjuku city. After researching about those events, she came to know about City hunter who has retired after his wife’s death. After knowing the reality of Glass heart, Ryo adopted her as hid daughter and given her name provided by her real father Xiang Ying. After that, they are now in the mission to help former assassin to move on and live a normal life in the outside world.