Akame ga Kill! Filler & Episode List

Akame ga Kill was an anime which has been run from 2014 to 2014 and had total 24 episodes were published. Total 5 filler episodes were filler and have 20% of moderate filler.  It was published in March 20th, 2010 and later converted it as Anime. But it does not follower of Manga’s Ending –filler list. In this story in the ruler of Tyrannical Empire, a young swordsman abandon his own home and goes for to save his poor village. Here he meets a Girl named as Akame an assassin who was the brain and well trained to kill by the empire. Akame is a part of secret assassin troop of people who known as Night Raid. They having some dangerous and special weapons named as Teigu. They Together, Tatsunamin and the group of Night Raid conflict with corrupt empire.

This series is extremely amazing, especially the characters. In this animated story we get very practical ideas into the war which will obsess you. The Heroes are present on all sides, each of them are fighting for all valuable reasons may they fight for justice; some of them fight for revenge, money and power and love. It’s hectic to watch some of the night raid soldiers as bad guys and intention are so allied.


This manga series was early published by Square Enix .They bring some advertising of especially since the release of akame Ga Kill. The soundtrack and most amazing fight scenes is Quiet worth to watch and enjoy this manga series.

The story was like that Tatsumi is a villager from slums and he and his  friend are try to accumulate and acquire money to travel out of the city to get good paying job. They found corruption so fast when a very rich family takes them to slaughter them and surprised them .One night Raid infiltrate the Tatsumi home and enlist him to join him to fight for justice. When he enlists with Night raid groups he established a good relationship with people of night raid. While joining this adventure group he knows about devasting and avid story discloses.

Akame Ga Kiru! Filler List

  1. Episodes 1-21 are canon episodes you can watch it.
  2. 22-24 Episodes you can Skip and they are worst to watch.

So here will get to know about such anime has last few episodes are as recognize as fillers. The manga story have already watched, then anime series twisting into a whole another story and direction.

This anime has involved violence in the thriller and particular part of series is a dark implication. More over its quite more interesting on how the anime moves it up and we definitely suggest you watch it but it you are searching for something which resembles with story of novel then definitely yes agree to those are fillers. The Manga is still suspicious and more profound one and mysterious. This anime is must a worth one and Akame Ga kiry shows action in the early of the episodes and making you to sit and complete the episodes to accomplish all episodes.


So here will enclosed about the akame ga kill fillers and so then you will able to skip and enjoy all episodes of this series.

  1. From episodes 1-20 are canon episodes.
  2. 21 -24 are filler episodes.
  3. Full episode list are as follows
  4. 20 are canon episodes : Kill the darkness : kill the authority ; kill your cares; kill the Imperial arm users ; Kill the dream ,kill the justice , kill the three part 1 and 2; kill the battle fanatic; kill the temptation , kill mad scientist; kill newcomers, Kill the nuisances ,Kill the colossal Danger beast ; Kill the Religious  Organization ; kill the puppet and cures , Kill demon; kill the fate and Carnage .
  5. Filler episodes are from 21-24 – Kill the despair; kill the little sister; kill the emperor, Akame ga Kill.


So here you will notice some couples of episodes are quite tedious, but as it reveal its main motive, it becomes more ravenous and greatest fighting animes . This story more emphasis on Tatsumi who comes from small poor family and look forward to move out of the town to earn some good money . He learned how fight since child and teach as teacher in his village. He then meets with group of night raid and assassins and the story disclose. The main purpose  of  this animated series is to kill, heroism and social  values of good and bad . Hope you go understand all the episodes have some good motive and  also reveal you the filler episodes.