A Certain Scientific Railgun Filler List

A Certain Scientific Railgun is an ongoing  Japanese anime TV series aired in 3  seasons with the first season titled ‘A Certain Scientific Railgun’, the second season titled ‘A Certain Scientific Railgun S’ and third season ‘A Certain Scientific Railgun T’. This is an anime adaptation of ‘A Certain Scientific Railgun’  manga series written by Kazuma Kamachi.

The first two seasons of anime TV series adaptation are written by Seishi Minakami and the third season is written by Shogo Yasukawa. All three season is directed by Tatsuyuki Nagai and animated by J.C.Staff studio. The plot of this adventure, science fiction anime TV series takes place in the futuristic Academy City. Academy City is made up of 80% of students and many of them are espers who have unique psychic powers.

A Certain Scientific Railgun Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 Electromaster MANGA CANON 2009-10-02
2 When Working Under a Hot Sun, Rehydration is Essential MIXED CANON/FILLER 2009-10-09
3 Tokiwadai is Targeted FILLER 2009-10-16
4 Urban Legends MANGA CANON 2009-10-23
5 A Certain Pair of New Trainees MANGA CANON 2009-10-30
6 Everyone is Proactive When it Comes to This MANGA CANON 2009-11-06
7 Abilities and Powers MANGA CANON 2009-11-13
8 Level Upper MANGA CANON 2009-11-20
9 Majority Report MANGA CANON 2009-11-27
10 Silent Majority MANGA CANON 2009-12-04
11 Dr. Kiyama MANGA CANON 2009-12-11
12 AIM Burst MANGA CANON 2009-12-18
13 A Bikini Divides the Eyeline Between Top and Bottom, But a One-piece Shows Off the Figure, so They Only Flatter the Slender FILLER 2009-12-25
14 Special Workshop FILLER 2010-01-08
15 Skill Out FILLER 2010-01-15
16 Academy City FILLER 2010-01-22
17 Tsuzuri’s Summer Vacation FILLER 2010-01-29
18 Asunaro Park FILLER 2010-02-05
19 Midsummer Festival FILLER 2010-02-12
20 Poltergeist FILLER 2010-02-19
21 Voices FILLER 2010-02-26
22 Level 6 FILLER 2010-03-05
23 What Is It You See In Your Eyes Right Now? FILLER 2010-03-12
24 Dear My Friends FILLER 2010-03-19
25 Railgun FILLER 2013-04-12
26 Critical MANGA CANON 2013-04-19
27 Project Radio Noise MANGA CANON 2013-04-26
28 Sisters MANGA CANON 2013-05-03
29 Project Level 6 Shift MANGA CANON 2013-05-10
30 I… Can See All Of You MANGA CANON 2013-05-17
31 I… I Want To Be Of Help To You, Sissy FILLER 2013-05-24
32 ITEM MANGA CANON 2013-05-31
33 AIM Stalker MANGA CANON 2013-06-07
34 Meltdowner MANGA CANON 2013-06-14
35 The Vending Machine MANGA CANON 2013-06-21
36 Tree Diagram MANGA CANON 2013-06-28
37 Accelerator MANGA CANON 2013-07-05
38 The Promise MANGA CANON 2013-07-12
39 Kamijo Toma MANGA CANON 2013-07-19
40 Sisterhood MANGA CANON 2013-07-26
41 Study Group FILLER 2013-08-02
42 Moving FILLER 2013-08-16
43 Academic Reach Assembly FILLER 2013-08-23
44 Febri FILLER 2013-08-30
45 Darkness FILLER 2013-09-06
46 STUDY FILLER 2013-09-13
47 Silent Party FILLER 2013-09-20
48 Eternal Party FILLER 2013-09-27

Story of ‘A Certain Scientific Railgun’ anime TV series mainly centers around ‘ Mikoto Misaka’, an electro master and third strongest among seven espers with the rank of level 5. The first season of this anime TV series was aired from October 2009 till March 2010 with a total of 24 episodes and second season from April to September 2013 with a total of 24 episodes.

The third season has been started airing since January 2020 with a total of 25 episodes are set to broadcast. Out of 25 episodes 7 episodes have been aired to date. In total, 55 episodes of this anime TV series have been aired so far with 23 episodes reported as filler episodes. Hence, this anime TV series has a filler percentage of 42%.